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Pipe Fittings Equivalent Length

Pipe Fittings Equivalent Length Calculations
Nominal Pipe Diameter :      

Fitting Type:
No. of each
Gate Valves
Globe Valves
Angle Valves (Vanstone style)
Angle Valves
Ball Valves
Butterfly Valves
Plug Valves,
Plug Valve,
3-way, thru-flow
Plug Valve
3-way, branch flow
Standard elbow, 90 deg. - scrwd.
Standard elbow,
45 deg. - scrwd.
Standard elbow,
90 deg., long radius
Close Return Bend
Standard Tee, thru flow
Standard Tee, thru branch
90 deg. bends,, flanged elbows, butt welded elbows.
90 deg. bends,, flanged elbows, butt welded elbows.
90 deg. bends,, flanged elbows, butt welded elbows.
Mitre Bends
Stop-Check Valve - flgd (similar to a globe valve)
Stop-Check Valve - flgd (similar to an angle valve)
Stop-Check Valve -flgd (similar to 90 deg. elbow)
Stop-Check Valve - flgd (similar to flow-thru "Y" lateral)
Stop-Check Valve (with Vanstone ends)
Swing Check Valve - scrwd. (flow-thru style)
Swing Check Valve - flgd (flow-thru style)
Lift Check Valve -scrwd
Lift Check Valve - flgd
Tilting Disc Check Valve
Foot Valve
Sudden Enlargement
Sudden Contraction
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