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Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger Calculations

Heat Exchanger Design:
  Tube Side Fluid   Shell Side Fluid
Total Heat Transfer Rate,
Corrected LMTD,
  deg. F.


Average Condensing Film Coeff.
Liquid Phase Uncondensed Phase   Liquid Phase Uncondensed Phase
Flow Rate, lbs/hr.  
Specific Heat, Btu/lb-F  
Bulk Viscosity, cP  
Film Viscosity, cP      
Density, lbs/ft3  
Thermal Conductivity, Btu/hr-F-ft  
Heat Transfer Rate for Gas Cooling Only, Btu/hr.      
Tube Side Data   Shell Side Data
Physical Orientation Angle: Flow Pattern
Tube Outside Diameter, in.   Shell Inside Diameter, in.
Number of Tubes   Tube Pattern in Shell
Tube Wall Thickness, in.   Tube Center to Center Spacing (Pitch), in.
Number of Tube Passes   Number of Baffle Sections (guess)
Total Tube Length (guess), ft.   Baffle Spacing, in.
Thermal Conductivity, Btu/hr-F-ft      
Fouling Factor, hr-ft2-F/Btu   Fouling Factor, hr-ft2-F/Btu
Fin Material and number per in. Root Diameter if Low-Fin Tube, in.


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