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Chemical Engineering Now is an outline of the chemical engineering discipline, related principles and calculation methods.

In solving engineering problems, one must be able to solve for any of the possible variables in an equation. Rather than rearrange the equation to isolate a particular variable, one soon recognizes that, although these calculators only produce results in one direction, that it is quite simple and quick to use the trial and error method to calculate the variable of interest. For example, the calculator for fluid flow through a pipe may calculate the pressure drop as the unknown variable, but one can quickly change the line size and recalculate to determine the unknown flow rate for a known pressure drop. This proves to be a very powerful tool and an interesting and enlightening way to understand how the variables relate to each other and their importance or magnitude of impact on results.

The directory tree on the left of each page will expand and contract as you drill down from a high level outline of the chemical engineering discipline. It is itself a useful guide and organizational aid. Drill down to the area of interest by clicking on the link to go to the desired calculation sheet. Each calculation sheet displays a control panel on the right side containing buttons that provide:

"Examples" for example problems,
"Reset" to reset all fields to blank,
"Rules-a-thumb" for typical industry guidelines,
"Principles" for explanations of the underlying principles and calculation methods,
"Help" for explanation on how to use specific calculation page,
"Calculate" to start the calculation with specified input.

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