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This section will cover unique processes that have special significance witnin the chemical and petrochemical industry. They are special due either to their uniqueness, widespread use or importance in industry.

 STEAM REFORMING - Steam reforming converts hydrocarbons into hydrogen and carbon oxides and is the dominate process used in refineries. The feed stock typically ranges from natural gas to LPG or liquid fuels including naphtha. Steam reforming is used in combination with oxygen or partial oxidation process for the production of synthesis gas or the production of ammonia, methanol and various petrochemical products. Steam reforming is an endothermic process. There are two main reactions involved, the endothermic reforming reaction CH4 + H2O <==> CO + 3H2 and the exothermic water-shift reaction CO + H2O <==> CO2 + H2. The goal in reforming calculations is to balance the two reactions simultaneously while satisfying the two the equilibrium equations with the correct equilibrium constants.


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