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Thermodynamic Property Correlations

Thermodynamic Property Correlations:

Molecular Weight
Temperature, deg. C.
Normal Boiling Temperature, deg. C.
System Pressure, atm.
Critical Temperature, deg. C.
Critical Pressure, atm.
Ideal Gas Heat Capacity, Cp, Btu/lb-mole-F
Vapor Pressure @ T, atm.
Liquid Density @ T, gms/cm3
Melting Point, C.
Fugacity Coefficient
Enthalpy Departure, Btu/lb-mole-R
Isothermal Pressure Correction
Polarity Factor:
Chemical Nature:
1 -CH3 (aliphatic)
2 -CH2 (aliphatic)
3 =CH2 (aliphatic)
4 -CH (aliphatic)
5 -C- (aliphatic)
6 H-C=CH2 (aliphatic)
7 C=CH2 (aliphatic)
8 H-C=C-H (cis) (aliphatic)
9 H-C=C-H ((trans) (aliphatic)
10 -C=C-H (aliphatic)
11 -C=C- (aliphatic)
12 H-C=C=CH2 (aliphatic)
13 -C=C=CH2 (aliphatic)
14 H-C=C=C-H (aliphatic)
15 3-CH (aliphatic)
16 3-C- (aliphatic)
17 H-C (carbon ring)
18 -C (carbon ring)
19 C (3-way conjugation)
20 -OH (oxygen containing))
21 -O- (oxygen containing)
22 H-C=O (oxygen containing)
23 -C=O (oxygen containing)
24 HO-C=O (oxygen containing)
25 O=C-O- (oxygen containing)
26 O (2-way conjugation)
27 -C-3N (nitrogen containing)
28 -N-4C (nitrogen containing)
29 -NH2 (nitrogen containing)
30 -NH (nitrogen containing)
31 -N- (3 single bonds)
32 N (2-way conjugation)
33 -NO2 (nitrogen containing)
34 -SH (sulfur containing)
35 -S- (sulfur containing)
36 S (2-way conjugation)
37 -SO3H (sulfur containing)
38 -F (halogen containing)
39 -Cl (halogen containing)
40 -Br (halogen containing)
41 -I (halogen containing)
42 Three-membered ring
43 Four-membered ring
44 Five-membered ring (c-pentane)
45 Five-membered ring (c-pentene)
46 Six-membered ring (c-hexane)
47 Six-membered ring (c-hexene)


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